Monday, October 12, 2009

I went to the Bayou City Fine Arts Festival Downtown Houston, Texas

I absolutely adore art festivals, large or small it does not matter.  They are places that I feel like I fit in, whether I be vending or a patron. I also have not walked around downtown Houston for a very long time.  The irony of walking around between very tall skyscraper buildings while enjoying the fruits of so many very talented hand made goodies was just the greatest feeling of accomplishment; Not only for myself as a handmade artist, but for mankind, in knowing that our primal needs and instincts to build and create with our own hands, are still in existence.   Fortunately, the weather held out.  The skies were overcast but the rain did not come, at least while I was there.  I overheard that the days previous were rainy and in some hours a complete rain out. The weather also made our surroundings cool enough to enjoy the show, while not having to worry about wiping sweat every ten seconds.
The show consisted of over 300 artists and vendors and there was some really wonderful and creative art and creations.  There was also a lot of dancers, singers and orchestras, plus places for children to participate in creating art, and get their faces painted for free.  I could write an entire book about the entire experience(we spent the entire day out there just walking and enjoying), but I don't have that kind of time and I don't think you do either.  Besides a picture is worth a thousand words, so I grabbed some snapshots of some of my favorites.
These first few are of the featured artist: Kimber Fiebiger, who creates bronze sculpture and is famous for her Humpty Dumpty line. However, she creates other beautiful work as well.  Love the name of her website.

This next artist's work is close to my heart;  another recycle artist extraordinaire.  He even used old letters from a drive in theater for his sign.  How clever. Sorry no website for this one.  (There actually might be, but I do not know what the site may be.) I am not sure but I think that is him on the right sitting on the big reed chair. Awesome work with bottle caps.

I do believe this is another recycle artist. All his literature was gone by time I got there so I do not really know who this is.  I just loved the stainless steel sculptures he created from different machine parts and tools.  Check these out.  (The man in the second one is my ever lovin'. This was one of his favorites as well. Grunt grunt.)

I loved the giant stained glass. The pieces of glass in these were about 2 inches thick.  Wow!  The three toned face looks like some kind of home made glass made with shards of tempered glass.  They were quite sharp when I lightly touched the piece.  (I know, I know, I had to know though.  To me, texture and color is sometimes the most awesome thing about art.)

I was so swept up with these next creations that I forgot entirely to look for the artist.  These are simply amazing.  Reminded me of the type of things you might see in Jules Vern's workshop.  Of course you cannot get the full benefit of these pieces without seeing them in motion.  By the way, the brightly colored wind catching cups are made of stained glass. These were made of different metals, some enameled some not and stained glass, along with gears and ball bearings, etc. They are just fascinating machines.  I could have looked at these all day and not seen everything on them. In the bottom photo, my ever lovin' is making it move for me so you can see this piece in motion. It really is awesome.  

These were just a few of my favorites. Like I said before, there were over three hundred artist there and each one had beautiful and different creations. If anyone knows who these artists are, I would appreciate a link or name or something so that I can edit this post with their websites and such. If not just enjoy them. I am sure that I will see some of them again in the spring when they have the Fine Arts Fest in Memorial Park. Hopefully, some of my readers can join me there next year. Thanks for reading and sharing my artful experiences. Until next time. Oh and don't forget that I still have free shipping on my GLAZZ TATTZ in my Etsy Store until October 31st with the mention of my blog.

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