Monday, September 28, 2009

You Just Never Know What Will Sell Your Art

This past weekend I did my first craft show of this year at the Coldspring Trades day, which I just found out that I will be doing again on the 4th Saturday of every month through November. I did not do too badly considering the small crowd throughout the day. I did not sell what I thought I was going to sell and I was really surprised that one of my bracelets sold. Even though I created this bracelet, I did not feel that this particular piece was my best work. I was even more surprised at the reason why my customer bought the bracelet. She claimed that she could not pass the bracelet up because of the clasp. The piece happened to match the shirt she was wearing but I really do not think she was aware of that fact. Maybe she was, but she seemed very passionate about the bracelet, so I figured that the color of her blouse may have been an afterthought. She probably passed a mirror later and realized that she bought a bracelet that matched her shirt.  That actually sounds more like something I might do.
I guess the moral of this quip for me is to trust myself and create what comes to my mind and not try to guess or worry about what people will or will not buy. Anyway, here is a couple of photos of the bracelet. I made this piece with sterling silver wire, turquoise Swarovski crystals and rare blue pectolite beads.   She snatched this one so fast, I was not even able to name the bracelet.


Claire said...

Like I posted over on HAF, I really like this one, the design is great and the wrapped loops were well done.

Robin Hartman said...

Well, I must say, she has great taste. It is a lovely bracelet. Congrats on the sale!

The Mimsy Muse ;) said...

It is nice to know that when we create something from our inner being that somewhere in the universe there is someone it was created for. It is even more exciting to see when that perfect match of creation and being find each other as with your bracelet.

Lovely work. I really like the way the oval and bicone are opposite each other. The clasp is a beautiful one for sure.

jewelrybyjanelle50 said...

I can easily see why she snatched it up, it is gorgeous! Like you said on HAF, it just isn't your style or type.

Heather said...

OH Laura, I like this one, I love blue and silver and the stones in this piece are gorgeaous!
I learned a long time ago everything I make will eventually find a home.
Congratulations on the sale!

nichan said...

(^o^)d. i can't write better than you did.
I made a bag and listed it on etsy. not my best and favorite work of mine but you know what? it got more view than other (^.^)'.
and the stuff i create so far actually not intended for kids but i just found it recently that it's attractive as children stuff instead of adult, even teen.
when i read your writing here i just "EXACTLY!"