Thursday, September 17, 2009

I made myself into a robot.

I love it when I find creative toys on the internet. I realize that with as busy as I am, I need not be wasting time on other things but I just could not resist the two you see here. I not only turned myself into a robot but I also made my blog talk to you. Unfortunately, I could not upload a picture of myself on the talking toy, so I tried to make my avatar look like me, but well, I tried. Perhaps they will improve that. But these are pretty cool. Check me out. You can poke parts of my robot body and make me move. This is strictly for entertainment purposes only. I am not advertising nor do I distribute for either of these companies. Enjoy.
Build Your Own


Totally Unique Treasures said...

I am such a geek.

lisianblue said...

Love the robot - that's cool! Like the talking toy too!