Wednesday, September 22, 2010

This contest is for you, in celebration of my 100th Sale!

Hello again from TUTville.  Well, as promised here is my contest celebrating my 100th sale and my 400th shop heart on my Etsy Store.  It took me over two years and an inventory change to get there, but I did it.  And guess what! You get the rewards for all my hard work and persistence. 
Anyone that knows me and follows my antics, knows that I never stick to the same mediums when creating and that I eventually wish to try every type of creative activity known to man.  Well, almost every one.  Lately there have been some that frankly, I wish I didn’t know about.  Don’t we all love Regretsy?  
Anyway, I found some cool knitting looms at a garage sale a couple of years ago and finally got around to trying to create on them.  Well, when I finally got the hang of the loom, I absolutely loved doing the knitting.  I may never go back to needles again.  One stitch at time, pfft. 
Anyway, my finished product was so much nicer and my stitches were so much more even that I just had to share this awesome piece in which I call Glamoflage.  I combined camouflage (that was the description on the label) eyelash yarn with bright olive green Fun Fur and this is how the adorable scarf turned out. Gorgeous and Snuggly but not too heavy. The technique that I used, according to the directions for the loom, is called a double knit.  (Please excuse the model, she just works here and I needed some pictures of this beauty fast.  Tee Hee.)


 OK friends and followers, I know that you have all been through this before. So you pretty much know the drill. I know I know cliche', everyone has done this, send me to Regretsy or Epic Fail or whatever, but I know you all still want to win this beauty. 
Four, count them, 4 ways to enter (actually 6 but read on):
1) Follow me here, on this blog, of course, and comment, here, on this blog that you joined me.  (I don’t blog that much, so you don’t have to worry about too much to read everyday.)
Let me know if you are already a follower, and I will count that too.

2) Follow or “Like” my Facebook fan page:  and comment here, on this blog, that you followed me on Facebook.
Let me know if you are already a liker, and I will count that too.

3) Heart my Etsy store,  and comment, here on the blog, that you hearted my store.  Let me know if you are already a heart, and I will count that too.

4) And of course if you don’t already follow me on Twitter, do that too and comment here on this blog that you followed me on Twitter too. 
Let me know if you are already a follower, and I will count that too.

*Bonus Entry: Go here and check out my newest wearable art, on line, store, then post a comment here, on this blog, that you visited my newest store, too.  You can rate me there if you like but that is anonymous so, if you don’t let me know here that you went there, I won’t be able to count that as an entry. 
You may even want to join the HAF forum too    

**Bonus Bonus Entries: Let me know, as a comment, on this blog, of any other places you find me on the net.  There may  be some that I don't even know about.   Please be sure to include the link.  I will also count that as an entry.  

For each entry to count, you need a separate comment for each entry.  Don't short yourself by entering one comment that has details for every entry you made.  Sorry, but that can only count as one.

On October 30, 2010, 12:01 a.m. or as close to that time that I can get, depending on how my internet is working at the time, etc., I will use to randomly pick the lucky and deserving winner.  At that time I will announce the winner via all the venues above, and the lucky winner can relay all their information to me, I will give you my designated email at that time, so that I can send their wonderful prize to them.  This is a worldwide contest; I just hope the shipping doesn’t break either one of us. Your privacy is guaranteed. 

Enter as many times as you want, but remember, each entry must have a separate comment for your entries to count as separate entries. Don't worry if they are not all squential, just have fun with this.  Be funny if you can.  I love funny comments, too. 

I hope you like the scarf and good luck to all of you. 
Also, if I missed something or you have a question, just comment here, on this blog. I will be watching closely and I will also count it as another entry to the contest.  Have fun and tell everyone.  I really want to see this wonderfully fuzzy scarf go to some awesome person out there. 

Until October 30th then…


KayzKreationz said...

I just started following your blog. That scarf is gorgeous. And even though it doesn't get that cold in Texas, I love scarves to wear.

KayzKreationz said...

I just hearted your Etsy store. Love the puppy dog charms and the silver silverware.

Martins said...

Test comment. Has this worked?

jewelry by NaLa said...

Yay! I got through so I can finally say, "Great scarf!!" ;)

sandy said...

I just started following you. Please enter me!

sandy said...

I signed up to follow you on Twitter also!
Thanks! Hope I win! : ) sandy

Jeni said...

I'm following you on FB!! & thanks for participating in my giveaway!!

Jeni said...

I hearted your etsy shop!

jewelrybyjanelle50 said...

I already follow you on Twitter, liked you awhile back on FB, and follow your blog. Hearted your Etsy shop too. Jewelrybyjanelle50

The Beading Gem said...

Just followed your blog. The color of this scarf is just gorgeous. Got the perfect coat it will match!

Honeybell said...

Lovely scarf and was window shopping your wonderful etsy store too! fun stuff! purrs

RonnieRenee said...

I just hearted your etsy shop.
I'm tellin you that stunning scarf would do me good here in cold wet Idaho!