Wednesday, March 16, 2011

These are the cutest things. Duck Tape Flower Accessories Using Recycled Goodies

I just adore situations and ideas that allow me to recycle, reclaim, repurpose, and upcycle while making awesome and cute creations. A couple of days ago, someone twittered a blog link about Duct Tape Flowers, that I just happened to click, being that I have always had an affinity for duct tape, and it gave me my latest quick and inexpensive product for this year's set of craft shows. 
I had seen that some people were creating cool things from duct tape but never anything so cute as this, and with so much recycling and accessory potential, too. 
On the blog Ms. Helen tells you to buy a bunch of things that I, in other forms, already had on hand.  I have had, for a long time now, a huge box full of stick pins or large lapel pins and a bunch of single earrings, broken pins, and other such odds and ends, that I didn't think I could ever use or sell, but when I saw this blog entry, the ideas started flowing. 
I had already bought some cool colored Duck Tape, as they call it now, to fix an office chair arm so, I got to work right away and I just am so tickled with the results that I want to build on this craft.
My Favorite so far.

Damask to Die For

Vintage Single Earring

Broken Vintage Pins
Obsolete Lapel Pins

Click on the images for larger views.

I had been trying to come up with a new, simple, and inexpensive product idea, as I usually do every new year of  craft shows that I will be attending, and of course staying with my recyclist mantra, but this idea, literally killed three birds with one stone and they are so fun to make.  They are easy but they do take some practice.  I also do not use hot glue (can't stand the stuff) or most of the other ingredients that the Ms. Helen's blog tells you to use.
I use a waterproof epoxy that takes a few more seconds to dry than the hot glue, but is more durable and will make the piece last a bit longer, and of course instead of brand new bought buttons, and double sided pin backs, I use reclaimed pins and buttons and earrings and goodies.
I also love the idea of using Duct Tape, the name synonymous with repairing and reusing, being a part of my reuse of old, odd, and broken goodies to repair and make new goodies, especially ones that are just soooooo cute and there will still never be two alike, unless someone special orders it of course, but then it will be their unique set.  

I am going to be introducing these Duck Tape accessories at my first craft show of the year, and if all goes well, unless I get a raving review from here and my friends that I show before the show, I will be listing some of these yummy upcycled goodies on my Etsy store.
The show is April 29th and 30th. If you are in the Houston Area you may want to check it out. In Spring, Tx at Papa's Ice House. Bill Nash and his band always play a heck of a cool show on Friday night, and then Saturday there is food, fun and vendors, like me. For a very good cause as well.  See Link at end.

I have a lot of plans for these cuties including bigger ones and maybe smaller ones, and I can even make school colors, provided the colors are available from Duck. I will also be happy to make kits that will include just about everything you need to make like 5 or so flowers.  You can choose the colors and type of button or goodies you want in the center.
Please let me know what you think.  I love suggestions too! I would appreciate your feedback.
 Here is the site that I got the idea from:
And here is the site for the Charity that I work for my first craft show each year:
Until my next wild share<<Hehe, get it? Wild hair. Hehe!
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P.S. One of the best things about Duck Tape, besides what all you can do with it, is that it is made right here in the USA! Go Duck Tape!


lunaessence said...

Adorable !!!

Kountry Delites said...

Absolutely adorable :) Beautiful work ~~~ I think you should definitely list a few in your Etsy store ~~~ I think they would do well :)

Knitful Dezigns said...

GORGEOUS :) i love them, i cant even believe its duck type. they look so amazing!

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Very all the patterns! I say add them to your Etsy shop. It's only 20 cents, right :) These are great impulse-buy items!

Funkadelic Cat said...

Duct tape is so fun! I make some crazy purses. Bot just your average old square purse, mine are intense, with pleats and hobo shapes, etc. You can check them out at