Sunday, January 30, 2011

Crystal? Clear! Wear your Sunglasses!

I have found this cool new way to feature treasuries in my blog. Hope you enjoy them.
If you have an Etsy store and you want to try this too, go here:

Very easy Step by step instructions:
1 Enter your user ID or someone Else's user ID that you may want to feature on Etsy.

2 Choose where you want your treasury to come from.
Treasuries you made or treasuries in which you are featured.

3 Choose which size you want.
May I suggest the medium size because it will show your entire treasury. The larger ones sometimes cut items off some of your treasury items.

4 Choose if you just want a snapshot of the treasury or if you would like a live version.
Live means any changes will reflect on the blog version of the treasury as well.
I choose live so that people can go right to the treasury from your blog post. Lot's of people like to keep up with treasuries in which they have been featured.

5 Click Get Widget The site will then produce your chosen Treasury code.

6 Copy code.
Highlight code and either right click and choose copy from the dropdown menu, or control c from the keyboard.

7 Paste code to the editing area of your blog post. If you so desire, you can add HTML to your copied and pasted code to manipulate the position of your treasury within your post, but this is the simple way to post your favorite treasuries.

8 Post your blog post.

9 Share with the world, or your world, and enjoy.

Adding live treasuries to your blog posts really is simple and the more you do it, the better and faster you will get. I find it quite addicting now so stay tuned, because there will definitely be more from me.
Until next time or next treasury, thanks for sharing with me and happy creating and selling.


jewelry by NaLa said...

Thanks for this information, Laura, it will come in very handy ...

CreatedandFelted said...

Ohhh thanks so much for the clear and simple instructions. I'll certainly be adding them to my blog soon :O)