Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Some Things From Etsy For My Latest Musical Endeavors

I know that I haven't been around as much as many of my followers and fellow bloggers.  I have had the notion to get back into the music business (which I am becoming successful in quite quickly) and in turn have decided to make and buy a few things for myself.  First off, I decided that vintage fingerless gloves would be a good addition to my stage costumes.  So, I shopped, and shopped, and shopped, on Etsy of course, and shopped some more (there were over like 300 pages of fingerless gloves, made from felt to old re-purposed t-shirts I might add, and I was bound and determined to click on every one until I found the pair I wanted) until I came across these awesome 1940's filet crocheted fingerless gloves.
Turns out, these beauties were merely a pattern and I had to make them myself.  Thanks goodness I can crochet. After I paid for the pattern, I searched my area for hours in order to find the correct size of crochet thread.  One place had it but not in the right color and most places didn't have it at all.  I knew that I could have substituted another size but I also knew that I would have to make adjustments to the pattern on the fly and I had to have these gloves in less than a week for my first show with my new band.  When I got back, unsuccessful on my crochet thread safari, the pattern and a note from April Carter of patternsalacarte thanking me for my purchase was on my email list.  I wrote back thanking April with tales of my failed thread excursion and she wrote me back within hours letting me know that there was an appropriate substitution for the listed thread on the pattern. 
To make a long story short, April was there for me every step of the way and ready to help me better understand and be able to work with her pattern.  You don't find that in any of the big name stores.  Once again I want to thank her for helping me out and for being there for me and all her clients.  Make sure to check out her store and tell her I sent you. If I need to make myself anything else for my shows or even as a gift. I will definitely be back to her store in a New York minute. I also got an extra bonus, which I think April does for any of her customers that send her pictures of their finished products; she used some of my photos for her listing and gave me credit and a mention of my store on Etsy.  You can't get better service than that. She even gives permission to sell your finished products from her patterns, but not the patterns themselves. Go check out April and make yourself or someone else something awesome and vintage.

This next item that I just had to have for myself was some really cool and unique platform shoes.  I call them Ho shoes, but only because I am a lazy speaker sometimes.  These would generally be known as high heeled wedge platform slides, but my husband likes my idiom for them too.  Anyway, I just had to have them. I am thankful they are in my size.  I liked them so much I made a treasury (I put a pic of the treasury below because this will be expired in about 24 hours and I would like to remember it well afterward as well) with them too.  I haven't gotten them yet, but I sure am excited about getting them.  I just hope they fit like my last pair similar to these did. I will update you when I get them, but for now, you should check out KickFlips.  They will customize theirs or your shoes and quite well, I might add.  I would love your comments and by the way, My new band is here The Tone Kings. I am not on the site yet, as I have only been a member for a mere two weeks, but that is coming along with more gigs and so will more unique costume items.  Even if you can't come to my shows, at least you can check out what I will be wearing on stage.  So stay tuned for the next exploits of Laura "Da Goddess" now the Queen of The Tone Kings and as always Saving the Planet, One Accessory at a Time.  See you next time.


PatternsAlaCarte said...

Your gloves turned out beautifully and I'm so glad I was able to help with the pattern. I'm actually blushing after all the super nice things you said! I'm DEFINETLY going to have to check out the band!!!

hippyofdoom said...

Thanks so much for the feature! It was such an interesting treasury - I loved seeing other shoe artists on etsy. Thanks for the link to your blog too :)

MakinTheBestOfIt said...

Because you have a great blog to read, and your unending support of handmade, I am passing on this Sunshine Blog Award to your blog. The link will give you info that you will need. Congratulations!